Who’s that Pokemon? REACT HOOKS

Do you want to play? This is a REACT Web app game based on Pokemon, You need to guess what pokemon is on the screen, are you able to get one? I wasn’t but if you get one right just leave a screenshot on the comments.  DEMO: https://whoisthatpokemon.herokuapp.com REPO: https://github.com/eduardolanda/whosthatpokemon #Reactjs #frontenddeveloper #restapi #reactspring #semanticui

Pokedex Hooks and Animation

I recreated my old Pokedex to implement code using only Hooks from React, I wanted to add shiny Pokemons when a card is clicked and drag every single item from the screen. They will change their size and location and still, responsive to mobile and desktop.  Do you want to test it?  LIVE: http://pokemonshooksanimated.s3-website-us-west-2.amazonaws.com REPO: https://github.com/eduardolanda/pokemonshooksapianimated #frontenddeveloper #reactjs #hooks #animation #semanticui #javascript


This is a web app using React Hooks and some animation on the background, including Semantic-UI. On this App, there is a provider sending data through useContext with useReducers. Indeed, I created this based on a course related to hooks and included extra features.  Live Demo: http://saleitemshooksanimation.s3-website-us-west-2.amazonaws.com REPO: https://github.com/eduardolanda/StoreHooksReactAnimation


As I mentioned before I tried #gatsby, a framework that created similar functionality as WordPress, we add .md file It will read it and implement it. This example shows how it looks after being deployed, It’s fast and not reloading actions are taken, also It’s a PGW, offline capabilities included.  Check the demo at http://eduardolanda.surge.sh Repo: https://github.com/eduardolanda/gatsbyeduardoportfolio

React Spring

I created this small web app to show how React Spring can be used to add animation to different web apps. This allows an interesting way to see a website without the regular static format.  Repo: https://github.com/eduardolanda/reactSpring If you wanna run the project just clone it and run it through Yarn Start on your terminal.  #reactjs #frontenddeveloper #reactspring #localdb


We all know what is a “DIARY” but what IF we could add a location? I created the Front-End for this idea to show how I think it should look like using #graphql, #mapbox and #graphql , including some #materialui components.  Live demo: http://geodiary.s3-website-us-west-2.amazonaws.com Repo: https://github.com/eduardolanda/GeoDiary #frontenddeveloper

Dare or Truth Game

Do you have plans with your friends this weekend? I created this simple game using #reactjs and you can play Truth or Dare if you have data on your cellphone.  If you want to play it, visit: http://truthordaregame.s3-website-us-west-2.amazonaws.com If you want to modify the code and information: https://github.com/eduardolanda/TruthOrDareGame-LOCAL-DB- #frontenddeveloper #reactjs