Diana’s Website

This was the first profesional instance environment(EC2 AWS) I created to host a wordpress developer website. I installed an apache server and phpmyadmin, including wordpress starter folder. The reason I didn’t use servers already configured as lightsail or Ocean was because I wanted to learn how to set up servers on instances. All the internal

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I created this back end script using Koa.Js(Node.Js) and Twillio to post items into a to-do list I’m hosting on my AWS account with My SQL. The advantage of using this script is that it has validation and it is coded to send back a confirmation message to the user. If you want to test

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I create this prototype as a final project on my third term next to my team, 2 developers and 2 designers. We use vue.js as our framework, and google maps API to connect our project. We used mySql to storage our database. Our Github repository can be found at. https://github.com/eduardolanda/langara-avenyda Here are some screenshots.