Pokedex React State Hooks

Have you ever heard about Pokemon? Well, I created a Pokedex with React and PokeAPI. Why is it different from other React Pokedex? This Pokedex uses only functional components and state hooks. Feel free to modify it an increase the amount of pokemons to display.  #ReactJs #axios #api #spa #webapp #restapi #pokedex #github #statehooks Repo: https://github.com/eduardolanda/PokedexFunctionalComponents API: https://pokeapi.co


I created this Todo List app using something called State Hooks. This app has NO class components, it has ONLY functional components and these components utilize states and allow us to implement states and using effects from react we can also have properties to control the render capability. REPO: https://lnkd.in/gegvcn7

Image DOGS React

I created this simple web app to retrieve photos from specific bread using a free API and ReactJS with Material-UI. It allows having a more fluid flow when using it. hashtag#reactjshashtag#apihashtag#frontendveloperhashtag#materialUI REPO: https://github.com/eduardolanda/dogImagesReact


I created this SPA to get Drink Recipes with their respective ingredients and instructions and kind of glass to be used. It’s using a public #api on the backend and ReacJs on the front-end.  #api #axios #reactjs #spa #frontenddeveloper #vancouver #react #materialUi Repo: https://github.com/eduardolanda/DrinkMenuReactJS


I have basic experience working on editing video for marketing purpuses at JnD Education, and I used Final Cut Pro to edit. All the knowledge from this tool was acquired through online tutorials and reading documentation. Link to the youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHBssxyYKo1L9rF3JnKBpwg