About me

Eduardo Landa, this is me.

I have a bachelor degree related to International Business and administration, 2 diploma degrees in Business and Hospitality & Management. AND what I feel happy to share every single time is my love for coding and this is why I have a Post Degree in Web & Mobile App Development.

My strongest skill is communication and sales, I worked as a server in different restaurants for 3 years and during the last year, I have been working for a Korean Company as Student Counselor and creating marketing using my design and video editing skills.

During the last 2 years, I studied at Langara College and watched several online courses, including readings to increase my knowledge related to Front End Development.

I found love in JavaScript and this is why I keep increasing my knowledge related to JS ES6.

Indeed, I love dogs and sharing my time with new friends.

My ideal job? Where I can create and improve projects.