I have basic experience working on editing video for marketing purpuses at JnD Education, and I used Final Cut Pro to edit. All the knowledge from this tool was acquired through online tutorials and reading documentation. Link to the youtube channel.

Diana’s Website

This was the first profesional instance environment(EC2 AWS) I created to host a wordpress developer website. I installed an apache server and phpmyadmin, including wordpress starter folder. The reason I didn’t use servers already configured as lightsail or Ocean was because I wanted to learn how to set up servers on instances. All the internal

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I created this back end script using Koa.Js(Node.Js) and Twillio to post items into a to-do list I’m hosting on my AWS account with My SQL. The advantage of using this script is that it has validation and it is coded to send back a confirmation message to the user. If you want to test

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I create this prototype as a final project on my third term next to my team, 2 developers and 2 designers. We use vue.js as our framework, and google maps API to connect our project. We used mySql to storage our database. Our Github repository can be found at. Here are some screenshots.